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Creative jungle podcast review

A quick recap of Episode #3 with Alex Chisnall

Creative Jungle Podcast with Alex Chisnall

#3: Alex Chisnall on re-inventing yourself and creating the life you want

Alex Chisnall hosts the number 1 ranked UK entrepreneurial podcast - Screw it, Just do it - and runs his own podcast agency Podpreneur, along with being a mentor to many startups.

It felt like an honour to have a podcast guru on our show so early on and we know Alex from when we used to do work together with Virgin StartUp, Richard Branson’s not-for-profit entrepreneurial arm, which supports founders with advice, funding and mentoring. He’s had the likes of Holly Tucker from NOTHS, Richard Reed from Innocent, Jamie from Made in Chelsea & Candy Kittens and the inspirational Lewis Howes from the US who Diana loves, on his podcast!

We chatted with Alex as he has navigated his life quite creatively and we think you can learn a lot from it. From being a journalist with BBC Radio Wales, to nearly 16 years as cabin crew with Virgin Atlantic flying all over the world, to setting up his own sports injury clinic, to supporting startups and finally, *inhale*, having his own inspiring podcast and podcast agency.

Alex has basically re-invented himself so many times and has lead such a unique life so far, so there is a lot to learn in this one.

Below, we run through just 3 of the many big things we discussed, tune in to the podcast to find out the rest!

1. When changing careers, Alex's 3 top tips

There is so much change happening now due to Covid-19. People are on furlough, whole industries have been wiped out or put on hold, a recession is definitely coming and many people will need to re-think their careers as a result.

To get a sense of your next career:

  1. Breath, take a step back, take stock, don't rush into a decision - think long-term if you can
  2. Get feedback and advice from your trusted inner circle, who are open and honest with you
  3. Invest in yourself - upskill 

2. Why is there a Podcast explosion currently?

There are numerous reasons why podcasts are so popular now, despite the format being around for 15+ years.

The number of podcasts out there now is exploding, the below is the amount of podcasts that exist.

Jan 2019 - 500,000

Jan 2020 - 850,000

April 2020 - 1,000,000!

  • Awareness / publicity / press and interest from tech platforms (e.g. Spotify) have helped it grow.
  • It's also more accessible than other content and easier to digest.
  • Other benefits of podcasts we discuss is that you can form a more intimate relationship with the listener, like no other medium out there. We're glad we launched one ourselves!

3. Some recommened rituals to help you succeed

Alex is an avid follower of Andy Frisella, who has a challenge called #75hard. It is a mindset challenge, but also involves physical things that you need to do on a daily basis for 75 days. It's very hard, but some of the daily habits you could do from it are powerful, Alex talks through some of them.

Morning & evening routine is key in his eyes - start and finish the day as you want, this can really help. Some of the main ones we chat through:

  1. Mindfulness every morning - 10 mins, he uses Headspace, Diana and I love breathwork
  2. Gratefulness journal - write down 5 things you are grateful for each day, this is really powerful, as gets you in a positive mindset
  3. Yoga - 45 minutes
  4. Cold shower / sea swim - Alex goes for a 7AM sea swim every day
  5. Review & plan - at the end of each day, he notes 3 'wins' and 3 'could do better' tasks, then marks the day as a win or a lose. If you win more than you lose over a year, you win the year!

  6. Visualisation - spend 5 minutes at start of each day visualising your main goal in life, it will help you to prioritise that day to get closer to that (e.g. run a marathon, launch a new product)

Forming daily habits are hard, but it is worth trying to set up your day so you get the most of it. Dabble with some of the above and figure out what works for you.

What else is discussed?

Alex talks about tonnes more - advice for startups, effective networking, building a community.

All of which may be useful to help you think and be a little more creative in your life and business.

He is such an inspiring guy who totally transformed himself when he took redundancy when he was 39 years old from Virgin Atlantic.

I'll end with the below quote, do you feel uncomfortable often?

The only time we truly grow is when we feel uncomfortable. Feeling uncomfortable is a good sign!

So, lots to ponder, what routines do you have? What would you like to achieve? Alex wants to own a ski chalet and work from there half the year, he is setting his life up through his daily habits to make that happen.

Any comments or feedback, be sure to let us know.

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