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    Have you ever wondered...

    What is Creativity? How do people think creatively?

    How do people come up with creative ideas, innovative business ideas, how do people make art

    and what processes do they use to think or be inspired?

    How can I bring more creative thinking to my workplace?

    Come and explore the answers with us on the Creative Jungle Podcast!

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    *New* Episode 5

    Josh Renouf on How to Design a Product and Crowdfund £1 Million

    Josh Renouf is an entrepreneur and inventor. He raised nearly 1 million pounds via crowdfunding for a very stylish coffee alarm clock called the Bariseur (affectionately called the Barry), which he designed whilst studying product design in university.

    It is slick and is sold in places like Selfridge’s.

    He had a heck of a journey during his crowdfunding campaign and since.

    In the episode, amongst lots of things, Josh shares how we goes about:

    - designing products

    - crowdfunding

    - marketing and getting PR

    - how he gets creative

    - what it's like to build hardware,

    - running his own business, as someone who was in their early 20s when it all started

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    *NEW* Episode 4

    Monica Vinader on How to Build a Global Jewellery Brand on the Creative Jungle podcast

    How to build a global jewellery brand

    Diana speaks to one of her idols, Monica Vinader, who set up and runs an award winning demi-fine jewellery business.

    It was really great to chat to someone who has been there and done it, but who still has such a passion for what she does.

    Diana and Monica run through the below and more:

    - how it all got started

    - how she keeps her inspiration and creativity flowing

    - what it is like to grow a business with 100s of employees

    - how she continues to keep her 'why' at heart

    Episode 1

    Creative Jungle Podcast #1: Sam & Diana on how to set up a creative business with no creative experience

    How to set up a creative business with no creative experience

    During the first full length podcast episode from Creative Jungle, Diana and Sam run through 5 key ways they have had to think creativity to get their creative arts and crafts startup, M.Y.O, up and running. They talk through getting started, learning the arts and crafts (of which they do over 14), money, growing a team and the future.

    *If you listen right to the end there is a special bonus.*

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    Episode 2

    Creative Jungle Podcast episode #2: INxSANIxTY on finding your creative calling and the power of art

    Finding your creative calling and the power of art

    We speak to Sani @inxsanixty about his journey from scribbles in his notebook in school, studying electrical engineering to finding his creative calling as an artist! ⁠

    We chat about so many things including his creative process and flow, we also dive into the role of art in race and the Black Lives Matter movement as well as the significance and power of art to create a better future.
    It is a fast paced episode so buckle up.

    Episode 3

    Creative Jungle Podcast #3: Alex Chisnall on re-inventing yourself and creating the life you want

    Re-inventing yourself and creating the life you want

    Alex Chisnall hosts the number 1 ranked entrepreneurial podcast - Screw it, Just do it - and runs his own podcast agency, along with being a mentor to many startups.

    Alex has had quite the journey through life and we reckon you can learn a lot from it! Alex has re-invented himself so many times and has lead such a unique life so far.

    In episode 3 of the Creative Jungle Podcast we run through:

    - Finding what you want to do and re-inventing yourself

    - Podcasting and why it is so popular

    - Setting up a business and connecting with others

    - Life hacks, to help you get to the lifestyle you want

    Listen to the Creative Jungle podcast on Anchor.fm
    Creative Jungle Podcast #3: Alex Chisnall on re-inventing yourself and creating the life you want

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