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    #3: Alex Chisnall on re-inventing yourself and creating the life you want Alex Chisnall hosts the number 1 ranked UK entrepreneurial podcast - Screw it, Just do it - and runs his own podcast agency Podpreneur, along with being a mentor to many startups. It felt like an honour to have a podcast...
    June 28, 2020 · Creativity,creative thinking,creative
    Benefit of being more creative How are you doing? Having a creative week? Do you feel particularly creative and have many ligh bulb moments, whether it is in making something or thinking a little differently about a problem? Maybe you do, but many don't. There is a lot of useful information...
    June 18, 2020 · Creativity,creative thinking,history creativity,creative
    Do you wish you had some more creativity and innovation in your life or business? I did, so enrolled on the Coursera course Managing Innovation and Design Thinking Specialisation, the first module of which was ‘Boosting Creativity for Innovation’, to find out more about it. So, what is...
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